We’re small enough to care.

Our current office might be based among the high rises of Auckland’s CBD, but we’re proud to be a small company with our roots in rural New Zealand. Owner and Managing Director, Cheryl Macaulay, is a South Island girl and maintains strong relationships with her loyal South Island investors. Under Cheryl’s leadership, Silverfin lives and breathes this honest, open approach to business. If you'd like to chat, you are most welcome to call on 027 249 6551.

Our management has stood the test of time.

Cheryl Macaulay is one of the quality property syndicators that has stood the test of time. For the last 15 years Cheryl has been involved with some of New Zealand’s most respected property syndication companies. Cheryl’s ability to find high end properties with quality tenants has been proven time and time again. Cheryl has the expertise in engaging a skilled team to effectively manage each property and each scheme through changing market conditions.

We benefit when you benefit.

At Silverfin we pride ourselves on having one of the fairest fee structures in the property syndication industry. Outside our initial set-up fees, we have an annual management fee that reflects the property’s gross asset value.  We also earn an exit fee only if the average annual return on termination of a scheme exceeds a pre-set threshold.  Our fee structure means we benefit when you benefit.

We do our homework.

Regardless of what type of investment you’re making, the key is in finding a quality asset managed by quality people. At Silverfin we value our processes in narrowing down potential opportunities with strict investment criteria. At every step Silverfin applies a robust due diligence process ensuring investments are of the very highest calibre.